Are your legs lacking? SQUAT!

Want to beat the pavement with a faster run? SQUAT!!

Ready to break that sticking point of building bigger Chi-Chis? SQUAT!!!

Want a sessy core (sorry, that’s just my lazy tongue)? You guessed it…. SQUAT!!!!

Hell, just want to have the best BELFIE IG shots for more followers (PLEASE NO DUDES!)… SQUAT, SQUAT AND SQUAT SOME MO’!!!!!

I don’t know if you see a pattern here, but I might appear to be a huge advocate of the squats. YOU DAMN SKIPPY I AM!

Here’s why:
1. Turns Your Entire Body Into Steel!
It’s only apparent that they build amazing wheels (glutes, hams, and quads). But when you perform intense squat routines regularly, it has been proven they will set off an abundance of growth hormone release throughout the body. Let your GO muscles build your SHOW muscles!
Also, it’s one of the most efficient and effective ways to drop body fat. As you pack on slabs of muscle from squats, you will burn more cals per day without doing mindless cardio.

2. Worthy For Everyday Life Function
You can’t sit down without squatting, right? Don’t become that old person that falls to the seat (or toilet) versus sitting and standing with comfort.
Speaking of toilets, squatting is useful by aiding the digestive tract, along with a healthy diet, in maintaining a lively and vigorous bowel session. HAPPY FLUSHING!

3. Mobilize + Stabilize = Energize
When squatting functionally, correctly, and regularly, there is no question you will build strong legs. Frequent usage of joints, tendons, muscles and stabilizer muscles will build connective cohesion with that little brain of yours. This will allow you to maintain balance with age and keep full range of motion in hips, knees and ankles. Also, the better you move and feel rooted to the ground, the better displacement of energy you will have.

4. Run Hard, Play Hard!
It is no secret: the stronger your legs, the better your performance. Quality squat programs are not just for the bodybuilders or powerlifters. The weekend warriors will get a leg up on their competition, from the b-baller trying to catch a lob pass like old times to the runner trying to place in a 10K run. Squatting regularly will increase your power jumping and knee and ankle-stabilizing strength for hard runs.

Glutes. Butt. Ass. Bootay. Whatever you want to call it, face it, YOU WANT IT! Guys and gals alike want jean fillers. I really don’t think I have to explain too much more of this, now do I?
I’m not saying you have to pack loads on the bar and crush your spine tomorrow, but you do need to start working on your form, posture, depth, and breathing. Here is a sample bodyweight, squat-specific week to get things rolling.

A – Bodyweight squat – 10 minutes / 2-1-2-x (this is tempo: 2s down-1s hold-2s up-x hold at top)
***As Many Reps As Possible
B – Reverse hyperextension – 3 sets / 15 reps / 3-1-1-x / 60 sec rest
C – Planks – 5 minute accumulative

A – Split squat – 4 sets / 10 reps each leg / 3-1-1-x / 60 sec rest
B – Single leg glute bridge – 4 sets / 10 reps each leg / 1-1-1-2 (2 sec hold at the top of e/r)
60 sec rest
C – Spiderman Planks – 4 sets / 10 reps each side / 60 sec rest

Each Minute On The Minute (perform movement at the top of each minute)
21 minutes
Minute 1/15 squats
Minute 2/12 lunges total
Minute 3/10 squat jumps
Repeat 7 times

Get those cheeks FIRED UP!