You take a moment in your day to text your homie to see what’s going on with them, or at least that is what you make them believe. But the conversation goes something like this:

PISSYU          “Yo dawg, what’s good on your end today?”
HOMIE           “Ma DUDE!  I’m at work, crushing it in sales today!  Hit bonus early!!!  What’s good on your end?”
PISSYU          “AWWW MAN!!! My boss is on my ass AGAIN!  This chick I thought was cool wit hasn’t hit me back in 5 days after our last date… #FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyways whats up for later?”
HOMIE           “Ummmm, don’t know?  Was going to go celebrate, but I think I’m tired and going home to bed when done”
PISSYU          “But you’ve had such a great day, we should go celebrate, lets ROLL!”

Oh he’s going to celebrate all right, but not with your Debbie-downer ass! Nobody wants to hang with a WOMPWOMP!!! While you’re texting all your #FML scenarios, he or she is thinking #GFY!

Are you an FML’er?

Here are some 5 immediate steps to UN-FUCK YOUR LIFE!

Step 1 – Ownership. Own up to your BS.

If you’re screwing up in some aspect in your life, don’t look around anywhere else except the mirror.

It’s easy to punch but hard to get punched.

Shut and Man-up!

Step 2 – Action Jackson time!  Once you own something you either gotta build, re-build, or tear down, RIGHT?’

When you accept your responsibility, plan a way to make it better or find someone that can help you make things “right”!

Also don’t share how you’re fixing your issues, just let them manifest through your efforts. The same way people don’t want to hear your B.S., no one cares to hear that you are fixing it.

We know you want that pat on the back, but guess what? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK ON BEING BETTER– it’s called being a grownup!

Step 3 – Big step here…

Wait for it… Authentically tell someone how great they are!

Spreading love and accolades to others that deserve it makes them feel like you’re caring, and you make their day (especially if they are having a #FML day).

You will quickly realize how life isn’t so bad, especially when you make someone feel so good.

Even better, give some back rub love to a complete stranger, like that 23-year-old coffee maiden/actress (sorry for living in LA) at Starbucks.

She will go to her afternoon audition with so much luster.

Why? Because you are now her Deepak Chopra and it feels good.

Step 4 – Meditate!

Very Necessary!

Meditation will get you out of your head, FAST!

It doesn’t have to be monumental in time or effort, just 3-5 minutes a day to start.

A few simple ways to get started are practicing a deep breathing cadence, counting down while focusing on each number, or for all the phone junkies a meditation app will work.

Step 5 – Gratitude changes attitude.

Make a list of all the things you are grateful for, at least 3-5 a day.

No matter how small or great the thoughts, keep a record of all the beauty and wonders of your life so you can abandon your current miserable existence!

This is just a small anecdote to get off the sidelines and into the game.

Be like my main man Pepe Le Pew; he knew he was a skunk, but l’amour is always right around the corner and he was determined to have it!